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Gluten Free Soups, Salads & Starter Recipes

Here is a low-carb gluten-free alternative to traditional potato salads. Part of eating lean has so many other benefits This salad may become one of your favorites too.

Zesty and spicy chicken wings are always a hit whether you are snacking or entertaining. Our Spicy Sriracha Chicken Wings will have you or your guests wanting more.

A fun and tasty appetizer you and your family will enjoy. Our Baked Parmesan Zucchini Chips are a great go-to for a weekend treat.

Great for the holidays or as a nice accompaniment to a hearty meal. You’ll swear there must be some bread in the dish!

Cheesy goodness with bacon? Yes! And spiced up with jalapeño just makes this the best cheese dip for any occasion.

Influenced by Mexican cuisine, these peppers stuffed with shrimp are the perfect appetizer for weekend get togethers to share.

Serves 2-4

This is one of the healthiest and most refreshing salads, especially over the spring and summer. Enjoy with your favorite na’an bread.

Who doesn’t love guacamole? The tastiest are the simplest. And it is versatile: you can dip it, spread it or eat as a salad. It’s origins in Mexico date back to the 1500’s.

This refreshing salad will make your tummy smile. Greens and reds provide great nutrients for a light snack or as an appetizer.

We love Italian foods! This tasty appetizer will have your friends and family asking for more. Mangiare!

We love bacon… in moderation, of course. Here’s a fun, delicious and nutritious appetizer to make for those fun afternoon get-togethers or special dinners.

Did you know that arugula is one of the most nutritious greens on the planet? Coupled with beets, this makes for a healthy way to get immune-boosting vitamin C, fiber, and essential minerals like potassium and manganese which all work to improve your ability to fight back infections and disease.

If you have ever had Huevos Rancheros, this sauce is for you. It is versatile, delicious and spicy. You can use it with fish, shrimp, steak or chicken.

Here’s a great appetizer that will bring some yummy to you and yours. So easy to make and dip with just about any sauce.

This is a delightful starter to share or just solo when you are craving a comfort meal.

We just love our bacon! This bomb appetizer has a nice blend of flavors and is a sure hit when entertaining or just a special dinner.

Did you know that pumpkin and its seeds are rich in iron, magnesium, zinc and healthy fats? No wonder people have become addicted to everything pumpkin. Enjoy this zesty starter!

Number three on the list of the 41 most nutrient rich foods on the planet, Swiss chard gets a nutrient rich score of 89.27, containing high levels of vitamin A and C, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium, to name a few.

This is a nice replacement for the usual mashed potatoes. It's a great side dish for almost any meal. Watch video here

Ever wonder what to do with the root of a celery? Bet you didn't know it could taste so good and it's healthy too. If you are looking to replace potatoes, here is a nice alternative.

You know you love French Friesheck we all do!  But sometimes we just wish we could enjoy them without the guilt.  So we went to work and created a delicious and healthy alternative  say hello to our Butternut Squash Fries!  Click below to check out how quick and easy it is to make a stack of golden goodness!

Every wonder how to make quiche even healthier? We thought the same…and well, we figured it out with this recipe which has no crust!

BACON! For those who just love that sweet and salty taste of bacon and maple syrup, you will be screaming in joyous ecstasy with this wonderful combination.

Bacon! Yes, I believe we have your attention now! Who doesn’t love bacon? And who doesn’t love juicy pears? Now let’s go one step further…how about if we wrap bacon around pears? Yes and Yummy!

This is one of the best salads that serves as a cocktail, a salad or a late night light meal, especially during a holiday weekend!

This refreshing and easy salad is a cool starter for any summertime meal. The dill really brings out the flavor of the cucumber. Watch video here.

Quick refreshing "Watermelon, Blueberry & Feta Cheese Salad"

It’s quick, easy and appetizing. Need I say more?

If you like fig chutney, you’ll love this salad! The flavors of the fig, walnuts and Roquefort are out of this world!

I have seen more and more fruit in regular salads that include great combinations of greens with berries of all sorts. Try this with a grilled salmon fillet or pork chop!

Let’s make a mockery of mashed potatoes! This delectable replacement uses cauliflower that adds a new slant to an old favorite.

Chutney has its origins in the Indian subcontinent and can be made of fruit, vegetables or both. This delightful variation calls for fresh figs which in California are in season twice a year: June and August to October. Gourmet shops sometimes have them in glass jars ready to use.

My mouth exploded when I tried this recipe. It really is the bomb and you can get creative if you want them hot by adding a strip of jalapeño or serrano pepper.

This is a favorite of many friends. This delicious mix of sweet, salty and nutty flavors will be a delight to your tastebuds!

I love Mexico and have really enjoyed the tortillas. It took some time experimenting with different flours to get what I think is a tasty alternative to flour tortillas. ¡Buen provecho!

Here’s a really easy recipe that is both healthy and tasty. This has a nice blend of tomatoes and cucumber with the zesty flavors of onions, mint and garlic.

Fresh taste at your fingertips. These delightfully yummy fingerfoods are small but large in flavor.

Mama Mia! This Italian inspired caprese salad will make any Italian grandmother blush with joy! Fresh is the taste!

The loving taste of tradition, this hearty Mexican Soup or Caldo has been served by loving mothers to generations of families. This is sure to revive your energy and warm your heart...

Exotic flavors and colors collide in an explosion of taste and wonder. This healthy vegetarian dish is sure to satisfy anyone's hunger.

Arugula and pears flourish during the cooler late-autumn weather. Put them together for a great balance of sweet and piquant. The arugula is lightly dressed with a maple-sweetened vinaigrette to accentuate the natural flavor of the pears.

A wonderfully healthy and fun recipe that is perfect for all occasions including tailgating, football weekends or entertaining the masses!

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