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Gluten Free Entree Recipes

Yes we did it again. Every so often, we love having our bacon… just not every day. For that special occasion, our Bacon Wrapped Cauliflower Steaks will sure please the appetites for your family and friends.

Did you know that the Margherita Pizza was named after Queen Margherita of Italy in the late 1800’s. Its colors, red, white and green were picked to emulate the colors of the Italian flag. We have taken this one to a whole other tasty level with a spaghetti squash crust.

Serves: 1 approximate 10-inch pizza crust

Here is a delicious way to prepare salmon to serve over our Cauliflower Rice or with our Cauliflower Garlic Mash

This recipe is easy to make and versatile. You can stuff the chicken with fruit and vegetables to make a complete meal or roast plain and serve with your favorite no grainer side dish.

This twist on poke has a fresh combination of pineapple and avocado that will surely please the palette. Try them with our grain free chips.

Slow cooking wins the race with tender and delicious brisket of beef. It tastes great and the juices mix well with our side dishes too!

This is a great way to replace bread and grains with seeds and fresh herbs on this Italian classic. Mangia bene!

This is a great way to make this favorite Mexican dish… without using tortillas. You can use chicken or turkey

A perfect brunch or Sunday dinner dish. Nice combination of flavors and just the right amount of zest from the yellow pepper.

If you like artisan foods, you will love this traditional chile relleno. Best of all, it is baked, not fried. And if you like something a bit milder, replace the Anaheim pepper with an Anaheim pepper. Watch video here.

This is a fun and simple dish...that gives fresh salmon a vibrant flavor…Yummy!

Cheesy goodness without the usual pasta that the family will enjoy!

Some like it hot! Here's a zesty south-of-the-border inspired casserole that will have you wanting more.

Mangia Bene! Another great pasta replacement is zucchini. Use the green or play with colors if you can find golden, yellow or orange zucchini where you shop.

Cheesy! Here's a really fun and healthy alternative for you to enjoy! We discovered how well butternut squash can replace pasta to make for replacing grain with the sweet, nutty taste of this winter squash.

This is a simple way to make an appetizer, salad topper or meal. I hope you enjoy the combination of the shrimp with the coconut rice!

Making your own zucchini pasta is always fun and this tasty recipe has a bit of a different slant on the pesto sauce I think you will love.

This perfect single serve pizza treat will have you wanting more...without the guilt of having it. Kids like it too!

These are always a huge hit as an appetizer or main dish! Your skill in managing the cooking time is important as lamb chops taste better medium rare to get the full effect of the herbs and spices.

Delicious Bacon Wrapped's bacon! What more can you ask for? This meatloaf is sure to put a smile on any carnivore. So good!!!!!

A healthy alternative to traditional Italian goodness. This gluten free lasagna is sure to make any Nonna blush.

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